Woldwide Tornadoes--Philippines

Tornadoes are most frequent in the US, but occasionally occur in other countries. Listed below are storms that are believed to be tornadic.You can read more about worldwide tornadoes in the book "The Tornado, Nature's Ultimate Windstorm" by Tom Grazulis. If you know of a tornado that occurred in this or another country and can provide documentation for it, we will be happy to add it to this page. If you have a photo of this tornado, we would like to post it here. If you know of another page that has information on the tornadoes in this country, we would be happy to add a link to it.

June 14, 1990
A tornado swept through a southern Philippine village, killing up to 30 people and leveling 59 of homes made from coconut leaves. More than 50 people were reported injured.

July 2, 1994
A tornado devastated four riverside villages near Cagayan de Oro in the southern Philippines, killing two children and leaving 11 other people missing.

October16, 1994
Three people were killed when a tornado struck an evacuation centre in the Philippine town of San Fernando packed with villagers fleeing mud flows from Mount Pinatubo.

November 29, 1994
At least 14 people were missing and feared dead after a tornado struck Cotabato City and farming villages in the southern Philippines.

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