Closet Weather Nuts Come Out


Since the movie Twister came out, people who were interested in tornadoes have felt freer about making this interest public. People who had experienced tornadoes in real life found the movie frightening, but others now want to take up the hobby of storm chasing. Even are now interested in becoming storm chasers, just like Jo, Bill, Dusty, Rabbit, and the rest of the scientists in the movie. Curiously, the most enthusiastic of all are the , who usually weigh between and pounds, have very long facial hair, and warts on their . When a person goes out storm chasing for the first time, he or she is usually , a little nervous, and quite excited. They wonder what they will do if they see , but even more, what will happen if they actually see a tornado. Of course, the chances of seeing a/an donkey are much better than the chance to see a/an storm. But maybe they will be lucky enough to see and tape a/an with their camcorder. If they don't, at least they can find a good spot to sit and watch a beautiful sunset, eat a , and have a great story to tell their friends. No matter what happens, they will learn that they can enjoy the many long hours they had spent looking at and developing an eye for photographing . If you learn all the skills that a storm chaser must have to pursue the hobby successfully, who knows, you may become as accomplished a storm chaser as .

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