Tornado Safety Puzzle

Tornado Safety crossword puzzle


1 Flying _____ can be deadly when it consists of sheet metal roofing, boards, and shards of broken glass
5 A bow-shaped _____ on the radar screen indicates a line of thunderstorms
7 These kinds of rooms in a school have long, unsupported beams, and should be avoided in a severe storm situation
9 Internet abbreviation for a southern hemisphere island country that has tornadoes
10 Gulf Coast states often have tornadoes during the month of ____ (abbr)
11 Sky _____ is a spotter organization
12 If you have no basement in your home, getting into a bathtub and covering yourself with couch __________ or a mattress is a good strategy
16 The _____ corner of the basement has been found to be the most dangerous because of falling walls
19 The ____, the very young, and the unaware are most likely to be killed or injured in a tornado
21 Abbreviation for spectrum width, a doppler radar product
23 When a tornado warning is sounded, don't waste time by opening one of these--the tornado will do it for you
25 Particularly dangerous wintertime tornadoes in the Southern states can occur at _____
28 Postal abbreviation for an eastern state that has an above average number of tornadoes in the last few years
29 Abbreviation for energy index
30 Abbreviation for Pacific Northwest state that has very few tornadoes
31 Abbreviation for ice crystals
33 If you are outside and see _______ing dust beneath a funnel cloud or debris in the air, head for cover
35 Aerial surveys of the tornado _____are sometimes done to determine the continuity of the path as well as the severity of the damage
37 Anticipated convective outlook
39 No go
40 A tornado watch may cover an ______as large as 30,000 square miles
42 Postal abbreviation for the tiny eastern state that gets small tornadoes almost every year
43 Keep _____ batteries and bottled water in your emergency kit in case of severe weather
44 Mobile homes are often left as nothing more than a _____of debris after a tornado
46 The "time" of day when Florida was struck by its worst outbreak in recorded history
47 The 15th letter of the alphabet, twice
48 If you are in the open when you see a tornado moving towards you, you can take shelter in a _______
50 Oh, yeah(abbr)
51 Regarding
52 If you don't have a NOAA weather radio, keep the _____ on a local station during severe weather, and stay alert for warnings
54 The country that has the most tornadoes every year
55 A dwelling that is safer than a trailer
56 Some states require classes and formal study to _____ the title of "official spotter"
58 The ____ Cross helps in disaster relief
60 The company that created this puzzle and this internet site


1 The ups and _______ of tornado activity from year to year are very unpredictable
2 Farm building commonly destroyed by tornadoes
3 When a tornado siren is sounded, _____, don't walk to the safest shelter available
4 The part of the weather service that issues tornado watches
6 Chunks of frozen water that fall from the sky in a severe storm situation. Small ones can ruin crops, and large ones can kill or injure animals
7 Broken ___ lines leading into a home can be a fire hazard after a tornado
8 The US gets about one reported F5 tornado per_____(abbrev)
10 Northern tier state where the Tornado Video Classics quote "Get away from the windows, get away from the windows" was heard
13 The safest place to be during a tornado is in an _____________ shelter
14 There are still many questions about ____ and why tornadoes form
15 Some people have been known to _____ on tornado videos
17 If you are planning an outdoor activity it is always a good idea to _______ TWC or a local television station’s weather forecast for that day to avoid being outside in severe weather
18 During a potential tornadic situation, a storm spotter goes where he or she has a good _____ of the sky, but still has a good escape route
20 ___ricultural losses are often the only kind of losses a tornado causes, but they can run into the millions of dollars
22 Postal abbreviation for a state where tornadoes areas rare, but where more than 100 people died in a 1944 tornado
24 Mineral product pumped out of the largest tornado-prone state.
25 Government agency, of which the National Weather Service, Storm Prediction Center, and the National Severe Storms Laboratory
26 Internet Relay Chat acronym
27 Postal abbreviation for island state whose tornadoes usually begin life as waterspouts and then move ashore
32 Doppler _____ detects rotation and a possible mesocyclone in a thunderstorm
33 Mobile home parks should have a steel reinforced, concrete _________, such as a laundry room
34 If available, get _______ the basement and under the steps at the first warning of a tornado. 35 The most dangerous kind of dwelling to be in when a tornado strikes
36 A tornado may dissipate and then ___form
38 Many homes in the South are constructed out of unreinforced _______ blocks.
41 If you don't have a cellar or a room without windows, an interior _________ may be the next best choice for a place to shelter during a tornado.
44 There should be a list of _________ numbers kept safe in the family’s "emergency kit" so that family members in other towns may be quickly contacted.
45 Advancements in radar technology are great, but nothing can substitute for the human ____ and a spotter network
49 Abbreviation for Cumulonimbus Humungus, a really big cloud(we made that up)
53 A vehicle that presents a large surface to the wind, so is quite vulnerable to being blown off a highway in a severe windstorm
57 Abbreviation of Real Audio
58 Only the most intense tornadoes rotate as fast as 2 ___S
59 ____ plan a place for family members to meet afterward in case they are in separate locations when a tornado strikes

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