The following tornado damage photos and accompanying text were sent to us by Jo Ann Carter, resident in the area:

A driveway leading to nowhere.

Across the street from the school, a house once stood.

Thank you, thank you God, for not letting this happen a few hours earlier, when my children, my babies, were in that school building.

Once a serene neighborhood,pleasantly shaded by magnificent oaks and stately pines, now a barren wasteland, blown to smithereens by hell's tempest.

Horrific, phenomenal devastation! I am accustomed to seeing the destruction of a normal tornado: downed trees, partially and occasionally a totally destroyed house here or there. To see a 1/4 to 1/2 mile swath of damage, house beside house beside house, annihilated for a distance as far as the eye could see was unimaginable; then having witnessed it, it was at once astonishing and deeply disturbing.
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