Tornadoes in the Past

On this page, we primarily focus on just two years: last year(1995) and 100 years ago(1896).

The format of descriptions below list the date, time of day, and Fujita Scale Intensity Rating

100 Years Ago

The year 1896 may have been one of the worst year for tornadoes in the history of the USA. There were at least 40 killer tornadoes, including the only one to cause more than 100 deaths in two separate cities.

Damage in St. Louis

Damage in East St. Louis

More complete descriptions of all these and many other 1896 events can be found in the book Significant Tornadoes--1680-1991. A summary of violent and killer tornadoes for the year 1995 will be published here on or about August 30th, 1996. That is the expected completion date of the 1992-1995 update to the book

More old photos can be seen here


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