Tornado Video Classics DVD Series

  Tornado Video Classics I is available on Amazon as a DVD only, and can be purchased here. Tornado Video Classics II is available on Amazon as a DVD only, and can be purchased here. Tornado Video Classics III is available on Amazon as a DVD only, and can be purchased here.  

Here are some of the highlights in the series:

  •        The top twenty home video countdown and the top 20 chase video countdown. This gives you a
              once-in-a-lifetime look at the best of the tornado video from the past.
  •       Multiple vortex tornadoes--many, many of them, of all shapes and sizes.
  •       Storm chaser Bobby Prentice's spectacular time lapse photography of prairie weather, and other video clips
              from this longtime chaser. Bobby is only one of the many world-class storm chasers featured in our videos.
  •       The Andover, Kansas tornado from 8 different videographers.
  •       Tornado "families," several members of which are on the ground at the same time.
  •       The famous Gull Lake, Minnesota tornado that comes across a lake, turning one family's excitement
             over seeing it into utter panic as they try to escape it.
  •       The first tornado ever filmed, back in 1930.
  •       Storm chaser Jon Davies with an excellent play-by-play, feature-by-feature, non-technical
             narration of a Kansas chase.
  •       Biographic highlights of the career of Dr. T.T. Fujita and his tornado research.
  •       Storm chaser Bill Reids' beautiful and photogenic Last Chance, Colorado tornado, with accompanying
             music written by NSSL meteorologist Greg Stumpf.
  •       Charming video of children chasing and playing in a "hay devil" in Vermont.
  •       Aerial damage footage of the 1925 Tri-State Tornado, that killed 695 people.
  •       Traffic helicopter footage of a Minnesota tornado as it rips full-grown trees from the ground.
  •       Remarkable video of a roof being lifted, intact, from the house beneath it during Typhoon Iniki.
  •       An uncommon but photogenic tornado in Spain, with more than 30 power flashes.
  •       The Kansas Turnpike video, in which a television crew and a family shelter under a highway underpass
              while a tornado passes directly over them.
  •       Tornado models from university meteorology department research studies.
  •       The complete disintegration of a mobile home across the street while the videographer awaits
              the damage to his own home. He is then struck by lighting, but continues to videotape until he
              is knocked down by pieces of his own home.
  •       Aerial footage of waterspouts in the Florida Keys, including a waterspout "fly-through" by a research airplane.
  •       Buildings disintegrating in slow motion, as they accelerate to 100 mph in less than 1 second
              in the Warner-Robins, Georgia tornado.
  •       Volcanic firewhirls, firewhirls over forest fires and next to oil fires.
  •       Storm chasers Al Moller and Chuck Doswell in the chase of a lifetime pursuing the Pampa tornado as it
              chews its way across that small Texas town.
  •       Law enforcement officials video of the same tornado as it lifts and hurls a van and couple of flattened
              pick-up trucks into the air.
  •       Aerial footage of the spiral ground markings made by a multiple vortex tornado that passed over a field.
  •       Erik Rasmussen, Field Commander of VORTEX, and the armada in up-close-and-personal video. Some of
              those mobile mesonet vehicles were less than a mile away from a mile-wide tornado.
  •       Jaw-droppingly beautiful supercell and storm features from many well-known and respected storm chasers.
  •       Computer simulation of the formation of a tornadic thunderstorm by the Illinois University
             Super Computer Center.
  •       Servicemen at an air force base watching as a huge, churning tornado drops large hunks of debris
             in the parking lot in front of them.
  •       Beautiful, photogenic landspouts--as many as 6 at a time.
  •       The breathtaking and huge Dimmitt, Texas tornado.
  •       Deployment of the TOTO (TOtable Tornado Observatory in 1985 by Dr. Howard Bluestein and his students.
             TOTO was the real-life model for the Dorothy in the movie Twister.
  •       A Los Alamos National Lab scientist trying to shoot a rocket into a tornado, while piloting a small aircraft.
  Each video has a written guide so you can "read all about it" after you have seen the videos.
All Tornado Video Classics tapes are dialog edited for family viewing, fully narrated, and have live sound.


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