The reviews are out and the critics love our stuff!

Earth Magazine, fall 1995
"The two video tapes are absolute must viewing ... The powerful footage puts you there ... The videos are far more than a random assemblage of scary storms...This review touches only briefly on the wealth of material to be found in Tornado Video Classics I and II. These are not shallow productions built on a dribble of information. Rather, they are rich archives of raw material competently and carefully assembled. These videos are winners, well worth buying and watching many times."

Weatherwise Magazine
"..the most comprehensive videos on tornadoes available..strongly recommended."

Charles Osgood on the CBS Radio's Osgood File, spring 1995
"..plenty of drama..can match any Hollywood film when it comes to action and screams."

Signal newsletter
"An expertly produced and thorough annotated two volume set of tornado video and film clips, dating as far back as the 1950's."

MASA newsletter(Milwaukee Area Skywarn Association)
TVC II is quite different than TVC I. Here the focus is on the people and their reeactions to spectacular or nearby tornadoes. Along with the audio narration some 70 different tornadoes are shown, and this can be very helpful to spotters to recognize a wide variety of tornado appearances and associated supporting cloud structure. Video quality is very good on most clips, and some of the closeup scenes of an approaching tornado destroying nearby properties is positively riveting. You simply cannot take your eyes off the screen! For the educator, severe weather respondant, or enthusiast, this is a worthwhile video to add to your colllection.

Natural Hazards Observer newsletter
"Tornado Video Classics is a cyclonophile's dream. It contains remarkable motion pictures or videos of 59 tornadoes and other cyclonic phenomena, sucah as fire and volcanic vortices, dust devils, and water spouts. The videos have been careully chosen and edited for their scientific, historic and visual merit, as well as their ability to shed light on human response."

Roger Welsch of Natural History Magazine and CBS Sunday Morning
...(review of another video)..."Or maybe like me you'll prefer Tornado Video Classics(from The Tornado Project, which incidentally also offers a set of
tornado posters so stunning they put the only possible wonders-of-nature poster rival, Claudia Schiffer, to shame). I like it because it used the even more resonant natural sounds and much more dramatic voices of the folks taping the twisters."


Yeah, right! But what do the PEOPLE say!

I received "Secrets of the Tornado" a few weeks ago. It was terrifying, instructive, and overall terrific.
William R.

Just wanted to tell you you've done an excellent job - again - with Secrets of the Tornado. You have some of the most incredible tornado footage I've seen.
Chris P.

"Secrets of the Tornado" is great! Your explanations of tornado-genesis are very helpful. The models look professionally done and manageable to reproduce. And the videos are a sight to behold.
David Y.

I just finished viewing your most recent video, "Secrets of.......", and was glued to my television. It was fabulous. When I get time I intend to make one of your projects.
Bill M.

The videos(Secrets of the Tornado) themselves: "Two thumbs up!" I found the new video very interesting and the construction discussion was as equally informative.
Rod P.

I have the "Power, Fierceness, and Grandeur" poster framed in my office. It never fails to excite comment! It adds a unique touch to my office, and looks great on the wall!
Donna F.

Just a short e-mail to thank you for the prompt delivery of the 8 posters I ordered from your company recently. They were everything I'd anticipated, and I was more than satisfied with the quality and content.
Anne-Marie M.

I just wanted to say that your video series was the best that I have ever seen.
Chad C.

I currently own all three tornado videos you offer - they are by far the best!!
Dave A.

A note to thank you for several hours of enjoyment, fascination, amazement, and education. Your tapes are a real bargain. I particularly enjoyed the unhurried presentation of the longer chase sequences, etc, and the technical information in your written material. I'm an engineer with an education in physics and mathematics (U of F ... small world). I've been in the business for almost 40 years (NASA, the aerospace industry, and DoD, in that order) but I still have the old curiosity and the wonder, and this stuff is fascinating.
...Bill W., NV

I was the eager recipient of the three volume video set as ordered by a friend recently and I have never seen such incredible footage. I liked the fact that each volume concentrates on a particular aspect of tornado formation and damage. Choosing a favorite is difficult as each is invaluable. I have always been fascinated by weather - in particular tornadoes - since I was a child and the footage contained within just blew me away (pardon the pun)! Thanks for informing people on the true aspects of tornadoes and leaving the sensational aspects to people who don't care about the truth.
P.S. If there are any people who are unsure as to whether to buy any of the videos all I can say is - just do it - you will not be disappointed at all.
...Michael W., Australia

I have had all three of the TVC videos for over a year. I still watch one approximately every two weeks. I love them! When is another new updated version coming out?
...Bob Z., Delaware

I have just received and viewed your 3 cassette collection of tornadoes. May I congratulate the producers of this excellent piece of work. The information contained within these tapes makes it more than worthwhile having them as reference material and make excellent training tapes for our Canadian Weather Amateur Radio Network (CANWARN) group. In fact, on Monday, April 29th, I showed our group just one hour of one tape and they were astounded at what they didn't know as Severe Weather Spotters.
..Drew W., Lindsay, ON, Canada

"I swore I would never buy another tornado video again--I was so sick of spending money for annoying music videos and boring interviews. But I am so glad that I saw your ad and tried one more time. It taught me a lot, but I didn't realize it until afterwards because I was so entralled watching it! Enclosed is my check for the other two in the series."
..Kurt D., Amarillo, TX

"My students and I loved TVC - it was awesome quality viewing."
.. Pam D., Columbia MO

"TVC rules!"
..Sean R., Norwood, MA

"I've been fascinated by tornadoes since I was young and Tornado Video Classics was great. The best footage I've ever seen. The original sound really adds to the drama."
.. Rick P., Lancaster, New York

"Arguably (unarguably?) The best compilation of tornado footage out there. The written documentation make these videos a must for tornado enthusiasts."
..George P., Nuevo, CA

"I must tell you that it (TVC) goes beyond the scope of anything I had imagined. You deserve any award given in this category. This is just a small congratulation from a veteran follower/observer of weather phenomena."
.. John H.

" I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed TVC I and II. Truly exceptional to say the least. The only problem I had was that I want MORE, MORE, MORE."
..Steve S.

I just thought I'd let you know that the TVC series and the Significant Tornadoes book are the best of any source of information on tornadoes anywhere.
.. Scott C.

We have used your Tornado Video Classics video extensively in Public Education programs throughout the county since we ordered them and have received excellent results.
.. David N,

Your guide to TVC II is superb! Congratulations on a magnificent job with the Fujita biography and the glossary. I've read them, every word.
..Walter G.

The TVC II tape was, like TVC I, excellent.

Just a quick not to say that I have received your videos. Both are excellent as well as the excellent informative guide.
.. Patrick M, London, UK

Your tapes are the best to be found anywhere!
..Bob A., Forth Worth, TX

We recently purchases Tornado Video Classics. I just wanted to let you know that your production is the best I have ever had the pleasure to view. Our unit has been working very hard over the past two years to put together a comprehensive tornado awareness program for our city, not to mention training for our volunteers, and your program has provided invaluable information for this.
..Al L.

TVC kicks butt for value!
..Steve Z., Boston, MA

I received a copy of the book Significant Tornadoes for Christmas. Though I am 13, I realize some people wouldn't take me seriously. I cherished page by incredible page. And I sometimes stay up until 3 o'clock in the morning reading and absorbing all I can on anything that has to do with tornadoes. This book has given me hope towards my future career as a meteorologist, and is now my most valuable possession. You have my most sincere appreciation and thanks.
Kelli W., UT

I currently own a copy of Significant Tornadoes. Could you tell me if it is possible to obtain updates to 1995?
By the way, your videos really are the best.
.. Francois T. Quebec, Canada

I've never seen anything like those tornadoes. I hope you produce more such videos. They are invaluable even to non-researchers like me. Well done!
..Jeri F.

I just wanted you to know how delighted I am with your tornado videos. This is one hell of a production, and is absolutely superb!
.. Ron K.

Having been in and survived a serious tornado, I find Tornado Video Classics I to be of exceptional educational quality, and its true to life film footage gets across what I've found to be most difficult if not impossible to describe to friends and family.
.. Mike M.

I recently ordered and received your video tapes Tornado Video Classics I and II, and enclosed is my order for another set of these incredible tapes for my sister's birthday gift. I can't wait to sit with my sister as she watches these tapes for the first time!
.. Janie A. Ballwin, MO

I couldn't wait to order this video! I'm sure it will be as awsome as the first two.
I watch them over and over, and am still amazed and spellbound by the storms.
.. Diane S.

TVC III got here on 12/23/95, and it was a wow! I've enjoyed it twice now, and will somehow find time to watch it again and again. TVC III is superb, historic, I go on and on. Kudos, and keep me informed, please, of future projects.
.. Gary M.

Great job on TVC III. I have the other two films and I'm hard pressed to pick a favorite.
.. Devin G.

What can I say? TVC III is another big hit with my wife and I. We watched the video last night after we received it in the mail, and it was truly amazing. In the motion picture business, most sequels are flops, but in the case of The Tornado Project, things just keep getting better and better.
.. Mike J., MI

This is just to express my satisfaction with your monumental effort to catalogue the history of American tornadoes.
..James O

I just recieved your book today, and stayed home and read it all day! What a fantastic piece of journalistic sweat! I feel very fortunate to have my own copy.
.. Steve G.

I am the proud owner of Significant Tornadoes and Tornado Video Classics. They are monumental works, and represent an incredible achievement on your part.
..Steve K.

We have receive your magnificent book, Significant Tornadoes. It has met the approval of my grandson--he sits for hours reading it cover to cover.
..Carol K.

I have been intending to write to you for a number of weeks to expres my admiration of Significant Tornadoes. your work is both a landmark in the scientific literature and a major contribution to public eduation about tornado safety.
.. Tim K.

Received my copy of Significant Tornadoes last week, and enjoyed every page; All 1300+. The organization and thoroughness is unsurpassed for a specific reference book. Your book will be a treasured addition to my library.
..Jan C.


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