The covers of Significant Tornadoes, 1680-2019 do exist , but the actual books are still in development and in digital form on two computers, two flash drives and in the cloud.

In the photo below are two of four grandsons on top of Mt. Washington, NH, each with a mock-up of the two volume set...the big BLUE books.

Significant Tornadoes 1680-2019

Each book will have about 750 pages. The book on the left will cover general information and tornado descriptions through 1949. The book on the right covers 1950-2019.

The cover photos for each volume are very meaningful to us. Here they are.

Significant Tornadoes 1680-2019 has 40 years of additional tornadoes, and will update statistics, charts, and graphs through 2019.

As the last big effort by The Tornado Project, the books (just one printing) will use our 50 years of research to provide ideas about the changing patterns of tornado activity that might be related to climate change.

It is our feeling that ocean warming, stratospheric warming, jet stream changes, polar ice disappearance, and polar vortex displacement must have at least some influence on tornado activity. None has yet been identified by anyone with certainty.

The book will have a "what to watch for" section, so you can, year by year, have an idea of what to look for on our web site and elsewhere.

On Twitter @sigtor2019 Tom has been posting graphs that might hint at trends.

Counting "outbreaks" in 6 categories might give us some clues about possible trends

Tom has identified six categories of outbreaks:

  • "significant"
  • "intense"
  • "major"
  • "extreme"
  • "historic"
  • "super"

Email Tom Grazulis and he will send you the details of this idea and keep you regularly updated on the progress of the books. Feel free to ask questions about the books. There will be no attachments to open and your address will be shared with NO ONE.

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