Heartland Storm Shelters

A year or so ago, we received information about storm shelters that a fellow in Mt. Orab, Ohio had designed and was having manufactured. We set it aside for a while, and then contacted him recently to see if he was still doing it. Not only was he still manufacturing and installing them, but one had received the supreme test--it had the Felicity, Ohio tornado of July 7, 1997 pass directly over it! So, we told Jim Poole that if he would send us a bit more information, we would post it for those folks who were interested.Heartland Storm Shelters--1-(800)454-7077
graphic of the Heartland storm shelter Jim has these shelters constructed out of fiberglass. The main body of it is one piece, so there are no seams to leak in case the water table is high in your area. It is engineered to withstand frost heaving, too, so the sides aren't going to buckle or cave in. I won't go into all the details, but basically, an 8 foot by 10 foot hole is dug, cement poured in to make a slab, and the storm shelter is positioned and anchored to the slab. Then the hole is backfilled, so all but 6 inches of the shelter is below ground level.
The sliding entrance door, Jim says, keeps rain out, but lets air in. The steps down to the fully equipped, fully carpeted shelter, have a skid resistant coating. The inside of the shelter is white. There is even a jack positioned beneath the door in case a tree or other heavy object falls on it, trapping the occupants. The sliding green door blends in well with the landscaping around your house. shelter blends in well with landscaping

The shelters can be shipped, and there is a range of prices depending on how equipped you want it.
If you are interested, you can contact Mr. Poole at the following address, or use his toll free number:
Jim Poole
Heartland Shelters
314 Pleasant Street
Mt. Orab, OH
1 (800) 454-7077