Heartland Shelter Features
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Heartland Shelters
Are you a manufacturer or dealer? Manufacturer and Dealer
Since what year have you been in business? 1988
Since what year have you been manufacturing or selling shelters? 1988
Where are you located? Ohio, but we have dealers in many other states, specifically, Alabama and Georgia, Arkansas, Missouri, southeast Iowa and Kansas, Indiana, and Kentucky, Cookeville and Humboldt, Tennessee, and Texas.
What areas do you serve? Nationwide.
Is your shelter made to be installed above ground level, fully below ground level, or only partially buried? Heartland shelters can be installed all 3 ways, but we recommend it be installed fully underground.
What material is your shelter made of and how thick is it? It is constructed of fiberglass / chop; mat; woven roving...... 3/8" + thick
What is the length, width, and height of the shelters that you sell? Standard unit = 8' long x 6' wide x 6' high....... small unit = 6' long x 4' wide x 5' high
Do you enter the shelter while still in the home, or do you leave the home and enter the shelter from the outside? Depends on the installation.... outside if it is a recommended lawn installation, or inside if unit is installed inside.
How does one access the shelter?
How does your shelter provide fresh air? Air is provided through a patented flow through door rail system.
How is the shelter anchored in the ground? Each unit is anchored to a 10' x 8' x 8" slab of concrete with 3/8" zinc coated chains.
Was it designed to be installed when a home is first being built, or is it installed on the lot of a finished house? Our unit is designed to be placed in the lawn, but can be incorporated into a new construction.
How is the shelter delivered, and by who? We have drivers who ship for us or they can be picked up to save shipping costs.
Who installs it? Heartland has a distributor base in which the distributors install the unit, or the client may install to save money.
Is any heavy equipment needed to install the unit? A backhoe.
What kind of issues with shelter installation are you and your customers most likely to run into in your area(bedrock, high water table, frozen ground etc.)? We have run into every condition.
What provision has been made in case the entrance/exit is blocked by a fallen tree or debris? Each unit is equipped with and emergency evacuation jack to remove the door and debris.
Is there a second exit in the unit? No.
Can the entrance door be locked? No.
Do you have any handicapped-accessible units? We are in the process of developing a handicapped unit.
What provision has been made for seating, lighting, or storage? Heartland shelters have optional seating/storage boxes carpeted to match the carpeting on the floor. Lighting is left to the individual. Battery operated lanterns, flashlights, etc are recommended.
Are these items included in the base price or are they extra? Are these items included in the base price or are they extra? Optional.
Are there other accessories and options that are available? If so, what are they? No
What is the typical cost both uninstalled and installed? Prices vary as to the state and ground conditions.... please check with the local distributor for pricing.
Do you have a warranty, and if so, for how long and what does it cover? Heartland carries a Lifetime Warranty on any manufacturing defects.
Has your shelter undergone any kind of testing by engineers? Yes. Heartland Storm Shelters, Inc. is listed and a certified member of the SBCCI,PST & ESI. (Southern Building Code Congress International, Public Safety Testing & Evaluation Service, Inc.) Report # 9854. Our shelters meet and/or exceed shelter criteria set forth by FEMA.
What else do you think we should know about your shelter? We can provide registered and licensed engineering calculations and registered and licensed engineering drawings. Heartland Storm Shelters, Inc.'s manufacturers as well as Heartland Storm Shelters are fully insured and can provide proof of product liability insurance.

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