Tornado Safety in Cars

Vehicles can also be deadly in a tornado. The more surface they present to the wind, the more easily they are blown from the road. Vans and school buses are particularly vulnerable. Cars have been lifted and moved as much as a quarter of a mile by a tornado. They have sometimes been hurled into buildings.

The remainder of the car after a tornado was through with it.

Many people have asked why it is wiser to seek shelter where you are, rather than trying to escape from a tornado in a car. When you are considering what to do if you find yourself in the path of an oncoming tornado, you need to imagine the worst-case scenario, not the ideal situation. Driving away might seem to be the obvious thing to do, but...

Just imagine yourself in these situations:

The "rules" were developed on the basis of experiences like these...unanticipated problems that people did not forsee. If there was ever a time for Murphy's Law to be true, it is in a tornadic situation.

Schoolbus after a tornado.

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