Descriptions of the Top Ten US Killer Tornadoes

#10: The Waco Tornado

County: McLennan, TX — 
This massive tornado leveled a home near Lorena, passed near Hewitt, moved north-northeast, devastating downtown Waco, Texas, then lifted east of Axtell. Homes were "leveled" both north and south of Waco, but detailed information is difficult to obtain. All reports centered on the disaster in Waco. About 200 business buildings were destroyed and 400 were damaged. The most publicized damage was to large brick buildings in the downtown area, especially the collapse of a six-story furniture store. Bricks from the store filled the street to a depth of up to five feet. Five people were killed in two of the cars crushed in the street. At least 30 people, mostly employees, were killed in the furniture store. Survivors were buried for up to 14 hours and several days were needed to remove the bodies buried under the tons of rubble. About 150 homes were destroyed and 700 damaged to some degree. Over 2000 cars were damaged or destroyed. $41,000,000.

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