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What do you get when a tornado goes over a bakery?

What are tornadoes called in Belgium?

Why did the tornado bury the cars in the ground?

What do you get when tornadoes go over fresh water?

What is a young tornado’s favorite dessert?

What’s a meteorologist’s favorite party game?

What is green and gray and goes round and round real fast?

Who is a tornado’s best friend?

What is as big as a skyscraper, has no arms or legs, but can pick you up when it’s on the move?

Why does a tornado form?

Where does a tornado sit on a plane?

Air speed is rushing and moving quite free, wisks up the earth and consumes the debris. What is it?

Why did the depressed man walk into the path of an oncoming tornado?

What did the mother tornado say to the young tornado?

Why did the tornado go straight through Kansas?

What does a tornado say whenever it comes to a stop light or stop sign?

A funnel cake, of course!
Thanks to Rex Athey
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Brussel spouts
Thanks to Rex Athey
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The farmer kept saying he wanted a bumper crop.
Thanks to Rex Athey
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Carp-in-Funnel Syndrome.
Thanks to Rex Athey
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Funnel cakes!
Thanks to Josh Meyer
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Thanks to Beth Meyer
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A frog in a tornado.
Thanks to Kay Ragan
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Thanks to Josh Meyer
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A tornado!
Thanks to Jolene Latimer
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Because one good turn deserves another.
Thanks to Chuck Vlcek
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The tornado doesn't sit anywhere, the plane sits inside of the tornado!
Thanks to Matt Gress
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A household vacuum of course.
Thanks to Chris & Tammi
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He was looking for a quick pick-me-up.
Thanks to John Arnone
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Make sure you ask me before you suck anything up!
Thanks to Corey Washbourne
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Because it followed the yellow brick road.
Thanks to the Sharon Springs Grade School
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To destoy the house on the other side!
Thanks to Jzelda2372@aol.com
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Get out of my way,before I make you!!!!!!
Thanks to Amanda Hampton

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