The Tornado Project’s Mainly Meteorology Crossword Puzzle

This "mainly meteorology" puzzle contains many simple and a few more difficult clues. Print it out and give it a try.

Mainly Meteorology Crossword Puzzle

1 Acronym of mesoscale convective complex
4 A cloud lowering beneath the rain free base of a storm
7 Acronym for cloud to ground lightning
9 Move camcorder slowly to right or left, up or down
11 Acronym for the mobile doppler radar unit
13 Acronym for ice crystals
16 Liquid precipitation
18 Rounded clouds that hang from the underside of a thunderstorm anvil
22 Acronym for bounded weak echo region
24 Cool __ __ __ air moving in from the west may be part of the "recipe" for making a tornado form
25 One type of forcasting numerical model on the WWW used by chasers
26 __ __ A A is the controlling agency for the National Weather Service
27 Postal abbr for North Carolina
29 Acronym for cloud-to-cloud lightning
31 __ __ W is weather shorthand for a thunderstorm with a rain shower
33 Short cloud-to-cloud lightning strokes in the anvil
35 Visible electrical discharge produced by a thunderstorm
38 Where the wizard lived
41 Acronym for infrared
42 Color seen in clouds; indicative of hail
43 An alternative way to spell tornadoes
46 Acronym for ice pellets or internet provider
47 Postal abbr for Missouri
48 Acronym for Totable Tornado Observatory
50 __ __ __, tac, toe
52 Acronym for "front flank downdraft"
54 Acronym for Storm Prediction Center
55 A stream of rapidly moving air
58 Ice chunks that fall from storms
59 A tornado over water
62 The ozone layer is being protected by a __ __ __ on CFCs
63 The FAA forbid S. Colgate from making rockets out of __ __ __ __ __
64 Thunderstorm that is most likley to drop a tornado
66 Short for observations
68 Kind of lava flow
69 Lightning that runs along the underside of an anvil
70 The main character in the Wizard of Oz

2 A shiny, thin, high-tech disk
3 The rainiest area in the FFD or RFD of a storm
4 Moving air
5 Acronym for altocumulus clouds
6 Postal abbr for Louisiana
8 Unsafe place to be in a school because of lack of roof support
10 Acronym for the National Severe Storms Laboratory
12 Red box area
14 Yellow box area
15 Weather shorthand for millibar
17 The direction of tornado motion in the northern hemisphere
18 Postal abbr for Maine
19 Postal abbr for Massachusetts
20 If a tornado rotates clockwise, it is said to be __ __ __ __ cyclonic
21 The company that created this crossword puzzle, among other things
23 Weather shorthand for the word weather
28 Acronym for convective temperature or postal abbr for Connecticut
30 Weather shorthand for cirrus clouds
32 Warm __ __ __ __ __ air from the Gulf of Mexico may be one ingredient in the "recipe" for a tornado
34 A safe place during a tornado
36 Acronym for "Zulu" time
37 Most thunderstorms are ___tornadic
39 Weather shorthand for freezing rain
40 Country that has the most tornadoes every year
44 Acronym for rear flank downdraft
45 Acronym for the American Meteorological Society
49 1995 blockbuster movie about scientist-chasers
51 __ __ Convergence Zone
53 Storm chasing tour leader Marty __ __ __ly
56 State where heroine of Wizard of Oz lived
57 Consumer; "__ __ __ __ -friendly"
58 Skywarn spotters communicate with __ __ __ radios.
59 Postal abbr for Washington
60 British for TV
61 In__ __ __ __ is wind moving towards the cloud base, usually at low level
62 Underside of supercell
65 Acronym for upper air
67 Cold front barbs are __ __ ue

You can find the solution to the puzzle here.

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