The Gameroom

This is the gameroom. It is where you will find puzzles, wordfinds, and other stuff like that.


Do you like crossword puzzles? If so, then the Tornado Project has one for you that we call Mainly Meteorology. It isn't interactive, so you can print it out and do it at your leisure.

Crossword puzzle

We also have a second crossword for you to do — this one is about tornado safety

Like sliding tile puzzles? Try this one of a threatening sky

sliding tile puzzle

For the word find fans out there, here is one with meteorological terms.

Wordfind #1

We also have a few riddles! If you have a riddle that includes something about tornadoes, email us and let us know!!!

If your browser is not Javascript-challenged, you might like to try our Mad Lib story. Just to refresh your memory: a noun is a person, place or thing; an adjective describes a noun; plural means "more than one". The more unusual the words you enter, the more unusual your story will be. Although the prompt may specify a noun, you may use more than one word for the noun "floppy disk" or "watermelon farm". Are you ready to write?

And we need something else too! Since we know that we have gotten hits from many other countries, we would like to know to know what the word for tornado is in your language. Visit this page for the explanation.

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